About Us

Meet Spencer - the founder and designer of Stealth Tag®!

Stealth Tag® was designed for your peace of mind. Riders should not have to worry about their bikes being stolen whether it's stopping for post-ride beers or out of the garage. Stealth Tag® is 3D printed utilizing a variety of robust thermoplastics such as polyurethane (TPU) and polyethylene (PETG) to house and hide an Apple AirTag. Spencer's products are often imitated but he continues to engineer and design his products to keep your AirTag hidden and held firmly in place. If you have any questions on his products please feel free to reach out!

Spencer is a mechanical engineer working in aerospace and is currently building some of the most cutting edge spacecrafts the world has ever seen! He recently graduated from the University of Arizona where he studied Biomedical Engineering.

Since high school, Spencer has raced his mountain bikes around the country with a small professional stint on the Bear Pro Team out of Northern California! He now spends his days running this shop, playing with his 3D printers, and drinking way too much coffee!

You can find out more about him on his linkedin.