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Stealth Tag® Fork: Hide and Track an Airtag in Any Mountain Bike Fork

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Stealth Tag® Fork discreetly hides an Apple AirTag into the steer tube of the most popular mountain bike forks.


  • Stealth Tag® fork mount of your selected model and quantity.


The mount uses compression and friction to stay securely in your steer tube and is designed to sit outside or just inside the steerer tube. 

Models with a steer tube greater than or around 33.5mm will be the classic Stealth Tag design. These insert flush with the steer tube and are almost naked to the trained eye. 

Models with a steer tube less than 33.5 will sit slightly under the steer tube. Only 5.4mm of plastic is visible from outside the bike making it extremely hard to notice.


A whole video series for every Stealth Tag® installation can be found here, or you can follow the steps below: 

  1. Pop the Airtag into the Stealth Tag cavity with the white side of the AirTag facing up. 
  2. Flip your bike upside down and gently install the fork mount into the bottom of the steer tube. You may have to gently tap the holder into place.
  3. To remove the Stealth Tag ® model from the steer tube, get a small blade and gently work your way around the parameter similar to opening a paint can. Once the gap is larger you can work it out with a small screw driver in a similar matter to opening a paint can. To remove the AirTag, insert a small flat head screw driver into the front removal hole of the holder. Gently pry upward to pop the AirTag out of place.


  • Weight: 6 grams 

To find out more about some commonly asked Stealth Tag® questions, check out our FAQ Page

AirTag is not included with purchase but can be purchased here

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Well made

There were a few companies making similar products but without actual comparison I’m glad I chose Stealth Tag. Easy to follow video for instal and seems well made.

Andrea Tutoki
Small protections

The tag is easy to install and stays in place. I have had them on my bike for over a year now and no issues. I also like that the tag blocks the steerer tub area from dirt.

Awesome product and service

Ordered the flexible mount and it couldn’t quite fit my bike’s weird steer tube, so I talked to Spencer and he sent me a different model with a perfect and discreet fit!

Highly recommended.

Scott Hagarty

Very easy to install and difficult to spot. Stays secure. Excellent product.

Chris Balzano
Broke my AirTag

Good and nice to first install but go to change the battery and this thing does not let go. I heated up the plastic to get it softer as it was tight to try and get out initially. I my AirTag ripped right in half when prying out as the mount grips too deeply. Now I’m out a $25 AirTag and $15 for the mount plus shipping. Save your money!

Hey Chris!

Thanks for being a customer for over 2 years! I would love to make it right with you and send a new Stealth Tag out free of charge. In regards to the AirTag breaking, I believe this was caused by the 'prying' you described; this is not how it is supposed to be removed. This is the proper way to remove the AirTag from the Stealth Tag:

Thanks for the feedback and again, please reach out :)