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Stealth Tag® Specialized Saddle - A discrete way to hide an Apple AirTag under Power/Romin Saddles

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Worried about your fancy bike getting stolen? Using a Specialized Saddle with the two little bolts underneath it? Look no further than to Stealth Tag™!

Stealth Tag™ discreetly hides an Apple AirTag under the seat of a Specialized Power/Romin Saddle. The mount integrates into the saddle almost seamlessly and is hard to see even to a trained eye. Throw a saddle bag over it and it disappears! To make it even more secure, add a drop Loctite onto each bolt!

This version is compatible with any model of saddle with the Specialized Direct Mount System, but designed to lay flush with:
Specialized Power (143mm, 155mm, 168mm)
Specialized Romin (143mm, 155mm, 168mm)

This *should* work on all direct mount Specialized Saddles, but other models are being made to integrate more discretely.

This has been confirmed to not work on MIRROR Versions. 

Included with your purchase is:
- A Stealth Tag™ Direct Mount
- 2 Mounting Bolts
- Instructions for installation and removal
- Some sweet, sweet stickers!

Apple AirTag is not included

Feel free to ask any questions! Thanks!